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in our minds

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Learn AI-Powered Book Making

Master the art of AI-powered book creation with Evan’s secret (not-so-secret-anymore) process.
Our comprehensive tutorials cover every aspect of book making – from the initial concept to the publication process. We delve deep, ensuring you gain all the essential knowledge and skills, with no detail left behind.

Welcome to NeoBlush, where
creativity meets technology!

The Problem

Producing top-tier stories, whether books or short films, is challenging and time-consuming.

And while AI tools offer solutions, most of the available educational material slack depth and clarity, making it quitedifficult to learn for most people.

Our Solution

Dive into our rich informational content and discover the secrets of digital storytelling. 

From video tutorials to informative articles, we have everything to stimulate your creativity



At NEOBLUSH, we aim to pioneer an evolution in story creation by setting a global benchmark for quality and efficiency, redefining the creative potential of future generations.

Published Works

We practice what we preach. My own collection of published books serves as a proof of concept to the harmonious blend between individual creativity and technology.

While some fear the rise of AI as a threat to their livelihood, I’ve embraced it as a tool for empowerment. This approach ensures that I, and fellow creatives who follow my path, continue to thrive and share our stories with the world forevermore.

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Magic Bark

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Ready to Become a Creative Powerhouse?

You’ve explored the potential of AI in storytelling.Now, it’s time to take the first step in your journey of creative mastery.

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